As many of you know, I suffer from severe depression. Along my journey with depression, I’ve somehow accumulated a new disorder, although not diagnosed from a professional (even though it doesn’t take a genius for this one). I suffer horribly from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and haven’t left the house in many months. Not even to my front porch. I’m totally self reliant on my family, which means I am extremely grateful for them, for they have put up with more than any family should normally go through. It’s a funny thing how SAD just crept up on me. (Oh, and by the way, what a fitting acronym for it?) If anyone outside my box even tries to directly communicate with me, I just seem to shut down and hide.

But this post isn’t about my anxiety. Today I want to share with you about a beautiful journey that I took into the woods today. Visually guided of course, by a fantastic 30 minute session. It’s labeled, “Inner Journey Guided Meditation”, by New Horizon. I sadly don’t know anymore about this lovely lady, then that she goes by “New Horizon”. But listening to her soothing voice guide me across a desert, then into a beautiful forest followed by a calm, trickling meadow, help set my pacing mind at ease. And let me tell you… it was very humbling.

She gently guides you with her sooth, delicate voice and with the sounds of the environment that you find yourself surrounded in. It’s almost as if she is taking your hand, quite literally and imaginary, to help describe the journey that you are getting ready to embark on. All you have to do is, mentally pop up a screen projector in your mind and allow her to weave the scene together into a beautiful movie. I was able to let go (although, not completely, but maybe in the future) of all the burdens that I have been carrying along with me, in my term of turmoil.

Guided meditations have been booming in the last past couple of years and many therapists have been highly recommending to their patients, especially those suffering from mental depression and anxiety disorder, to give it a shot to help alleviate the tension we often times accumulate, sometimes unknowingly, into ourselves.

New Horizons said it perfectly:

Guided meditation is a form of meditation where an individual is verbally guided into a state of consciousness either by a person’s live voice or by a recording of a voice. This process and practice of meditation requires an individual to follow verbal instructions that teach the individual how to relax the entire body, clear the mind, concentrate on breathing, and focus one’s awareness and attention. What one chooses to explore when meditating all depends on the individual’s intentions, needs, and level of interest and passion.

We create our own guided meditations to help people to relax from the strains of every day life and to cleanse on the levels of body, mind and soul. They can be a great source of healing.”

I highly recommended meditation for everyone. That includes all you macho guys out there too! Don’t worry. You don’t have to dress up in little skinny yoga pants, wear a “man bun” or sit in silly poses (such as, “Downward-Facing Dog”) in front of a circle somewhere outdoors, with a large group of strangers. You can do meditation right in your very own home. Even secretly if you would like for that matter. Anywhere that you can find comfortable, that allows you to be idle and sit still or lie for a lengthy period of time. A place free from all distractions. There are even 10 minute meditations out there too, if you would rather prefer that. There are also some meditations out there that can last up to an hour.

My ultimate favorite meditations are the “Hypnosis Meditations”. Although, I’m beginning to think I’m not very susceptible to hypnosis. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop doing it. There are too many incredible stories out there that motivate me to continue on to try. Below, I will put the script that is used in “Inner Journey Guided Meditation | Flight to Freedom | Releasing Guilt and Negativity”. Then I’ll post a direct and free YouTube video below that and leave it up to you, to see if you would like to go on a self discovering journey through your heart, soul and mind. It’s not everyone’s “cup of tea”. But,

“You’ll never know or see a beautiful gift, unless you try to open the box.” – Me


Inner Journey Guided Meditation | Flight to Freedom | Releasing Guilt and Negativity.


“Imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful bubble of golden light. And watch it, as it swirls gently around your body. Feel the warmth it brings to you. Feel it, as it touches your skin. This light is protecting you on your life’s journey. And this light will keep you safe. All is well in your world.

Now imagine you are walking across a harsh desert landscape. And the sun is very high in the sky. And you find it difficult to see your way, because the light is so bright. The sun is very hot upon your body and your skin feels sticky. On your back, is a very heavy sack filled with sand. And your back aches with the weight of it. With each step you take, you feel as if your feet are sinking down into the sand and it gets harder to walk.

It’s so heavy…..

So heavy…

Somehow though, you feel as though you deserve this. You feel it’s because of something you said or you did. And the lingering feeling of guilt, weighs heavily your shoulders. Weighing heavily on your mind.

You have been holding onto this guilt, for a long time now…..

Too long…

And you feel as if you’ll never be free of this terrible weight. Never be free of the burden you carry with you.

But you can be free of it.

It’s so easy….

To be free.

You carry on walking through the harsh desert, feeling the searing heat upon your body. And with each step you take, it becomes harder to walk. Harder to lift your feet out of the sand.

You walk a little further, when you see on the far horizon, something green, glinting in the harsh sunlight. At first, it’s too far away to make out clearly what it is you are seeing. But as your eyes start to adjust, eventually you can see that it’s a hilly landscape covered with pine trees. And as you draw nearer to the landscape, you start to notice things you couldn’t see before. You can see the tall, majestic pines standing out against the blue sky.

Can you see them…?

As you come closer still, you begin to smell the wonderful heady aroma of pine fill your nostrils. You keep walking and finally you come to the pine covered hills. You can see a path meandering its way through the woods beyond deep into the woods. And there is a wonderful, refreshing feeling in the air as you walk. Pine trees are blooming, birds are singing and you can even hear the buzz of the insects as they fly past you. In the distance, you can hear running water. As you walk closer, the sound gets louder.

Can you hear it…?

Can you hear the flow of the water, the energy of the water.

You see running across your path, a wide shallow stream. There are rocks in the stream and the sounds you heard were the sounds of water splashing over them.

But still, the lingering feeling of guilt, is weighing heavily on your mind.

You’ve walked a long way and you are tired now. So you sit by the stream and listen to the water gently washing over the rocks. The water looks cool and calm. It looks so clear and inviting.

You sit down on a comforting, sponge-like grass, to rest your weary body for awhile. You take off your shoes and place your hot, tired feet in the stream. And it feels so good. Feels so refreshing and cool.

As you sit there, you listen to the sound of running water. And you can hear the birds. There are lots of birds. You can hear the rustle of the gentle breeze moving through the branches of the pine trees. And you decide to have a drink from the stream.

You place your hands in the cool water and take a long drink. It’s so refreshing and it’s so cool. As you place your hands in for a second time, a shadow falls across you. You look up and see before you a woman. A beautiful woman, wearing a long dress the color of the sky and she smiles at you.

She takes a seat besides you and asks you, “Why do you look so sad?”

You answer her……

You don’t know why, but you tell her the truth, the whole truth, of how you are really feeling.

You sit with her for a few moments and unburden your soul to her. You tell her things that you have never told anyone before. Things that you have not even admitted to yourself. And the whole time, she smiles at you. She makes you feel so safe, so calm, so very, very peaceful.

So stay for awhile and talk to her. Tell her what is on your mind. Lift your soul and free yourself from these burdens you put upon yourself.

(Here you are given approximately six minutes of time with the mysterious woman in blue. It is enough time to allow you to reflect your emotions and to release all the burdens and thoughts, that you may be carrying with you on a daily basis. All the while you can hear birds chirping in the background, along with a flowing stream of cool water and some subtle, light music in the background.)

It’s nearly time for her to go now. But before she does, she tells you that, “You do not need to feel guilty anymore. You do not need to feel ashamed of anything you said, or did.” She tells you that, “If anything you do and say, comes from a place of love and from your heart, then you need not to feel guilty. You need not to feel ashamed, as long as it comes from your heart.” She tells you, “All you have to do is to be kind. Be kind to those who love you. Be kind to those who hurt you, for they are carrying heavy weights in their hearts, just as you were.”

She stands up now and takes her leave of you. And she smiles at you, one last time. And then she is gone.

You realize that, the heavy weight you were carrying on your back, has been lifted. It too, has gone now.  And you feel so much lighter. Your body feels lighter. Your heart feels lighter. And your very soul feels lighter. You feel so peaceful. So calm. So relaxed now. All of your tension and worries have gone.

You realize that, you didn’t get the chance to say thank you to this beautiful woman. But you say it anyway. You whisper it, hoping she knows and can hear you. And as if the sound is floating on the breeze….you clearly hear her say, “You are welcome.”

The rest of the dialog helps to guide you naturally out of the beautiful world our story teller has amerced us in. “Back to our physical surrounding, slowly and gently awakening us”.

What a beautiful meditation from someone who clearly has a beautiful soul, heart and voice. I hope you get the chance to listen to her and share your experiences to those in need.













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  1. I’m sorry to know that you are facing through anxiety & depression. Few years ago I was on the verge of committing suicide so a lot of what you said in this post actually struck a chord with me! (“You’ll never know or see a beautiful gift, unless you try to open the box.” – Me really appealed to me) Thanks for expressing yourself I hope depression in your life drains out & is replaced by eternal bliss. In the journey of your life, may you smile as big as river Nile 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂


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