Burdens That You Carry

Understanding the meaning of life

Is a knowledge best left unspoken.

To find the true meaning in ones self,

Is to allow the restless night

To engulf the sun’s weary light.


It’s silly really….


I’ve always been a restless little creature,

Flitting around here and there.

Wandering aimlessly in the dark.

Not knowing the extent or power,

Of such tiny and fragile hands.

Or how they can wield such gentle words,

And yet…

Have the capacity to destroy everything,

All at the same time.

Leaving you with unforgettable burdens,

On the next uncompromising day.

Waking up upon a trail of scattered pieces,

Mostly leftover from the shame,

That still lingers on a hungover mind.


I yearn for wisdom.

To be at one with this world.

Or at least to have the world,

Be at one with me.

To belong.

To be accepted.

Or maybe so simply,

To just to be,

In the stillness in all that there is.

Instead of a chaotic mind,

That brushes an ink stroke,

From a colorless, worrisome pen.




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