Train Of Suicidal Thoughts


I sometimes sit and ponder,

For all the lost souls whom left this world too soon.

Did they see something we could not?

A truth of which, once upon learning,

They can never fully turn their backs upon again?


Or was their path to move forward so destroyed,

That life, as they knew it, was too unbearable to see?

Did they finally realize that love, meaning and acceptance,

In a world that can be so cruel,

Is only an existence made for hopeless wishes and child-like dreamers.


Maybe it is something so simple as…


A decision to just go ahead and redeem their train ticket,

And to get off this ride before everyone else in this world did.

As if they knew of the wreckage that was awaiting beyond those tracks…

A sort of prophesy, with no reprieve in sight, for the weary traveler’s soul.


Such a simple, yet challenging choice, for someone to take that difficult exit.

The one we keep locked away in the far dark corners of our minds.

I think some of us just choose to end it all before,

Everyone around them can witness their very own crash and burn.


Because let’s face it…


Life is nothing but a train wreck.

We’re all mostly just waiting for it to happen.

So should we punch in our life’s ticket?

Or take the choice to see how far we can go…






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