If Loving Was Easy…

It isn’t easy loving me.

I have a suitcase full of excess baggage,

That travels along wherever I go.

Just waiting to spill out everything inside of  me.



On many days,

I’m lost and weak, just searching for a reason to breathe.

And on the other days,

I can love just as fierce and passionately as any romance novel.


In truth….I’m far from perfect,

In fact, I’m mostly imperfect.

Mixed in with a cocktail of failures,

And too many bitter regrets.


I can turn your world upside down,

In the matter of mere seconds.

But gently hold your hand,

When you need a friend the most.


I’m sort of crazy that way I guess,

Not planning for this to be who I am.

But for some reason God intended for me to be this way,

I’m just a little sad, seeking for someone to understand.







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