A Note to My Past Self (A Journey On Depersonalization)

Dear Me,
Please take into consideration,
Of all I’m about to say…
That the art of conquering the depression you are going through,
Will be to fully realize,
“That we are, what we believe.”
For with this, you must learn to understand.

You alone,
Are the creator of your own based fears,
In which you allowed to manifest into your life.
Do not let depression take control over you.
For once you do so,
You will only become its victim.

You must learn to live with your fears,
Then to take the steps necessary to conquer it.
You need to discover the very thought,
In which the thought was created in the first place,
In order to let that fear go.

Only then,
Will you truly learn to live.
Only then,
Will you be able to outgrow your own desperation,
That was self/man made.

Once that knowledge has come into fruition,
You will be the recipient of pure love.
And acceptance will become that much more easier,
For you to fully understand.

For if you do so,
This depression will no longer be in control.
Nor will it be allowed,
To dictate the way you live.

All that will be left instead,
Is an open space inside yourself,
With the allowance for only love to exist.
Leaving you with the simple knowledge of,
That the world was made for you.
And that you,
Were made for this world.

Only until then,
Will you be able to see the world through fresh new eyes.
And not through the eyes of fear and suffering.

For every bit of that,
Was what allowed your suicidal thoughts,
To be conceived in the first place.
Do not allow your sadness to be defined by it.
Because your depression, my dear,
Did not create you.
You, created it.

May this letter reach you in time…


(Dedicated to all of those who are suffering from severe major depression)


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