Falling Stars, Upon Shattered Eyes


Even if the heavens,
Where to replace all of the falling stars,
That have been left abandoned,
In these tear filled eyes…

It would never replace,
Nor even begin,
To fill in this void,
From all of the loneliness,
That has been left inside of me.

For every whispered wish,
That was left so despondent,
Upon silent, hushed ears,
Crushed the aspirations,
Of a “once upon a time”,
That was once a vibrant soul.

One of which,
That now so sorrowfully weeps,
Into a moonless sky,
Made out of hopeless dreams.

All that is left,
In the wake of this cosmic storm,
Are star shattered lenses of hope,
That have all but been left broken,
Upon this empty, darkened soul.


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