Another Cliché

A vagabond,
I used to be.
Running empty,
On broken dreams.
Plucking hearts,
Along the way.
Like paper flowers,
Put on display.

Then came you…
One summers day.
A beautiful rose-
A new bouquet.
With guileful colors,
Matching dark and grey.
Changing everything,
To my dismay.

Now autumn falls,
As leaves decay.
And a broken heart,
I now portray.
A hearts wilted rose,
You left in disarray.
And now this vagabond,
Has lost her way.

(Leaving me to replay,
Another broken cliché)






The Child Inside My Heart

There’s a heart out there,
That can be heard,
As it wanders up and down,
Darkened lonely streets.

Its cries are bellowed out,
Into an unsettling dark.
A morbid and vain attempt,
-A sirens call-
To lure your love back home,
Once again.

(It craves to be cradled,
Into your lonely forgotten arms.)

It always listens for you.
Upon every heartbeat,
In those shadowy steps…
As each echoing attempt,
Comes back in droves,
Of shattered-
Mourning waves.

(My heart is still that child,
Who can’t seem to comprehend,
That the essence of you,
Is now gone.)

How do you convince something,
Even in the midst of your own disbelief,
That sometimes,
There are things in this world,
That are just going to break?

That sometimes,
They will always haunt you?

It’s as if,
Love were a toy…
To be discarded like some used “thing”,
Then to be placed back onto some empty shelf,
Once all of its joy,
Has been selfishly spent.

(Tell me…
How does one convince this child,
Who now lives so brokenly,
Inside of my heart,
To finally let you go?)

I just don’t know…



The Fool (A Fool’s Journey)

My journey began,
By seeing with my eyes,
And not with my heart.

For this,
I am a fool.
Even though I am innocent.

And if I continue to be naïve,
Without the guidance of my soul,
(Which softly whispers,
Upon my close minded feet)
There will be no path,
Onto which I can die.

And to never die…
Is to never be reborn.

For the truth lies,
Upon our broken paths,
Which can only start to blossom,
Inside the subconscious heart,
That dwells within,
An unconscious,
And foolish mind.

(Inspired by, “The Fool’s Journey” and Carl Jung.)

A Theory In Heartbreak

One day,
Everything became dark…
And the sun refused to shine.
It left a vast darkness-
Of emptiness;
Upon diamondless eyes,
Refusing to break.

That’s when these tears,
Fell like stars…
Blanketing heartbreak,
From a black hole,
Laying quietly,

I think now…
I know how,
The galaxies were created.

(There are over 100 billion observable galaxies in the universe.)