The Moments In Between

  The Moments In Between I'm still searching, Beyond those quiet moments, In between the empty spaces of poetry, On which my tired hands, create. And yet, I still don't know, If all of this fruitless writing, Will ever grasp, Or even touch upon, The restlessness of my shattered soul. - Release me from these … Continue reading The Moments In Between


Falling Stars, Upon Shattered Eyes

  Even if the heavens, Where to replace all of the falling stars, That have been left abandoned, In these tear filled eyes... It would never replace, Nor even begin, To fill in this void, From all of the loneliness, That has been left inside of me. For every whispered wish, That was left so despondent, Upon silent, hushed ears, Crushed the aspirations, … Continue reading Falling Stars, Upon Shattered Eyes

A Note to My Past Self (A Journey On Depersonalization)

Dear Me, Please take into consideration, Of all I'm about to say... That the art of conquering the depression you are going through, Will be to fully realize, "That we are, what we believe." For with this, you must learn to understand. You alone, Are the creator of your own based fears, In which you allowed to manifest into your life. Do not … Continue reading A Note to My Past Self (A Journey On Depersonalization)

The Gift

A boy I once was knew, Presented to me a gift. One full of darkness and sorrow. Wrapped with a pretty trim, And covered in a neat artificial bow. A gift of such profound sadness, That I wouldn't be able to recognize, Or fully comprehend, Until much later years in my life... What laid inside was death. With tissue paper covered all … Continue reading The Gift